I came to the United States to study computer science and earned degrees from
the University of Southern California and the University of Minnesota. With science
as my “religion,” I used my analytical skills, got involved in various science
applications projects, and looked at the world through the eyes of a scientist.

But although science has contributed greatly to our world, it leaves many things
unexplained. We really know only as much as we understand. There are a lot of
“facts” that we do not understand. For example, it might be considered “fact” that a
simple aspirin (known as the best medicine and whose source is the willow tree)
can often cure a headache, but even today we do not understand the acting
mechanism; that is, why or how it works as it does.

Over the years I came to understand, through my interest in our bodies and minds,
and through my study and training in Internal Medicine, Gynecology, Stroke Patient
Management, Pain and Spinal Cord Injuries and Neurology that at the core of our
being is an energy--pure and absolute. It is the energy of the universe, and the life
force within each of us. When this energy is tapped, it can restore the body, mind
and spirit, creating a new sense of aliveness and connection with nature and our
universe. My mission over the last 20 years has been to understand how to tap that
energy and use it to heal and rejuvenate.

I gained valuable knowledge and experience as a clinic supervisor at the South
Baylor Oriental Medical School teaching acupuncture. During my time at Kyung-
Hee University Hospital, an Oriental medical hospital in Korea, I worked with
virtually thousands of people (both as in-patients and outpatients) being treated
with acupuncture and herbal formulas. I began to develop my own unique
techniques and herbal formulas, and by combining acupuncture, herbs, meditation,
nutritional diet plans and chi exercise, I found I could tap the energy in myself and
use it to help others overcome disease and pain and restore them to health and

have many years of successful experience in treating  chronic headaches, pain (
lower back, knee, elbow, neck, shoulder and head ache
, RSD), weight loss,
diabetes, infertility, immunity, facial wrinkle treatment,  acne, anxiety and panic
attack, infertility, insomnia, heart burn, fatigue, fibromyalgia,
hepatitis, side effects
of cancer treatment,  menopause
and internal organs problem.
James Ko, L.Ac.
Ko's Wellness acupuncture & herbs


Faculty member of South Baylor University, teaching Oriental medical theory   and
Clinic supervisor of South Baylor University, teaching intern acupuncturists about
acupuncture and herbal prescriptions;
Visiting scholar at Kyung-Hee University Hospital, studying approximately 20,000   cases of   
     acupuncture and herbal treatment;
Meditation instructor at The Wellness Center, teaching and guiding cancer patient
Member of International Subtle Energy and Medicine Society, researching the  effects of
subtle energy on the human body

South Baylor Eastern Medical University
OGI, Phd
University of Minnesota, M.S.
University of Southern California, B.S.

1931 N. Gaffey St. suite C
San Pedro,CA 90731
At Kyung Hee University Hospital
With a student at  school clinic
Medical missionary trip to Mexico