Acupuncture, massage, spinal cord traction, wave
therapy  and natural herbs
Ko's Wellness acupuncture & herbs
Integration of Body, Mind and Spirit
Our goal is the harmonious integration of your body, mind and spirit.
Because each person is different, treatment regimens must be tailored to
meet the specific needs of each individual patient. Success is achieved
through proper diagnoses and a corresponding best-fit assessment of
about 500 major acupuncture points, more than 250 natural herbs, chi
exercise, meditation, and nutritional diet program. The selection of
acupuncture points and special herbal formula (consisting of perhaps 5 to
20 herbs) is extremely difficult and requires much experience. Unlike
Western medicine, there are no general “rules” like take aspirin for a
headache. Each and every treatment is customized based on your special
and unique needs.

Rather than a “science,” acupuncture and herbal formula treatment is an art.
For more than 5,000 years, Oriental medicine has helped people live
longer, happier, and healthier lives through various combinations of herbs,
acupuncture, meditation, and other traditional therapies.

Your First Appointment
When a patient comes to us with an ailment, we do a basic examination in
order to diagnose the patient’s condition accurately.

This examination consists of:
Checking  your pulse at the wrists,
Studying your face and observing your posture,
Examining your eyes and mouth, taking special note of coatings on the
Observing your voice, breathing, and mannerisms,
Questioning you about the history of your condition,
If necessary, ordering laboratory tests, x-rays and MRIs, and
Getting key facts by listening carefully to  your observations

Based on the individualized diagnosis that results from this examination, a
personalized treatment program (incorporating ancient Oriental theory, Yin-
Yang harmony and the 5-element theory) is designed especially to meet
your needs.

The severity of symptoms of our client's ailment is various. Our ultimate goal
of treatment  is to improve the quality of your life by eliminating your root
problems for your symptoms. Also we try our best to eliminate or reduce
your current western medications which may have adverse side effects.
Here is a recommended basic treatment schedule :  
Acute stage : 2 -3 times/wk for 1-3 months             
Rehabilitative : 1-2 times/wk for 1- 3 months
Wellness & Preventive : 1-2 times/month

for instance,
Severe pain: start with 3 treatments per week and reduce number of office
visits gradually based on your prognosis.

Weight loss, diabetes, fibromyalgia, MS, menopause, fatigue: Start with 2
visits per week for about 1-3 weeks. Then reduce to one visit per week for
one month. If the symptoms  are getting better and under control, reduce
visits to once a month.
Our ultimate goal is to complete the treatment in one or two months.
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